Private Labels

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Dubbed “oshibori” after the Asian tradition of offering hot and moist towels to their guests, numerous businesses globally have adopted this practice. As a modern version of this custom, single sachet wet wipes and towels branded with the company’s logo have become a successful marketing tool for many businesses. Restaurants, hotels, airlines, hospitals, sports teams and catering companies have seen a growing positive impact through their returning and new customer base with these takeaway wipes. A competitively priced branding tool that enhances the dining experience of guests while providing sanitization and cleansing.

Our Research & Development team, can assist in creating your private label wipes or towels. We have a vast array of fragrances on site and source our scents from reliable and ethical suppliers in Europe who are fully compliant to various EU standards. We can custom design specific formulas to meet your requirements, or visit our extensive portfolio of formulations. To find out more about how we can be of assistance to your brand, please contact us today.