Green Policy

Our corporate policy is to ensure the highest standards of environmental awareness and protection. We aim to minimize our carbon footprint and produce environmentally friendly products with minimal harmful impact where possible

We believe that if one can make an incredible and effective product without harming the environment, then it’s their responsibility to do just that. We are dedicated to protecting this planet we call home, especially if we can leave a better place for our little people. Therefore, we are new ways to positively effect the environment on the environment and reduce our collective impact. We use recyclable materials where possible and look for biodegradable ingredients. As such, we aim to keep our products as non-toxic to the environment (and skin) as possible.

Large group of kids running in the dandelion spring field

Minimize waste, including materials, energy and water.
Source and promote the use of materials that have the minimum environmental impact and use recycled materials wherever practical.
Actively promote recycling both internally and to our customers.
Involve and educate our employees in our environmental commitment and actions.
Communicate this policy both internally and externally via our website.
Honoring this policy will enable us to make meaningful contributions to the quality of the environment.
This policy will be reviewed periodically and we will commit to continual improvement through implementation of our environmental action plan.