About us


At Care Wet Wipes, we pride ourselves in providing superior and innovative products alongside our commitment to excellent quality and punctuality with our deliveries.
We ensure the utmost hygienic production environment for our various products, such as premium branded ultra soft refreshing wet tissues and towels. We have the manufacturing capacity to produce single sachet, make up remover, feminine/personal care, anti-bacterial, household, baby and various other types of wipes for your business. Our entire wet wipe product line also has the capability to be manufactured using non-alcoholic, natural and chemical-free ingredients. We will work alongside our clients to create numerous products from scratch and with specific ingredient and material requirements.



We meet and exceed industry requirements for standardized practices to ensure the safety, purity and quality of each and every product we manufacture.


Care Wet Wipes strives to produce superior products in line with domestic and global demands for high quality, safe and effective products. We take pride that all of our products are manufactured in our factory in the UAE, and that we are consistently present to ensure proper quality control and performance. We understand that customer service is important and we intend to go above and beyond to aid our working relationship with our customers. Our aim is to collaborate with our customers to bring uniquely innovative ideas and products to the wet wipes industry. Our goal at Care Wet Wipes is to give back to our local communities, focus on environmental protection and regulation, and strive for a strengthened social responsibility.


At Care Wet Wipes, we understand that you have a range of suppliers to choose from for your wet wipe needs. We want to ensure our customers that we will work meticulously and thoroughly for them and their goals and we will always value their business. Our employees are an integral part of our business and we highly value their contributions. Our team constantly achieves excellence and recognition with cohesive support and guidance. As you plan your next project or seek out new partners, please consider the following standards of our business. You will find Care Wet Wipes to be an adept and able candidate to supply your manufacturing needs.


We harbor an appreciation of quality over quantity. As a home grown company, we strive to provide consumers with products that outperform in their categories without compromising on effectivity, safety and structure. As a principled wet wipes manufacturer in the UAE, the optimal selection of raw materials and the latest technology is one of our many requirements. Our facilities are invariably pristine and our employees are thoroughly trained in their selective roles to ensure an outstanding product.


We take safety very seriously at Care Wet Wipes. Our production department remains impeccably sterile throughout the day to ensure absolute safety. Our water is purified in our six-stage water purification plant along with plant-based natural essential oils and extracts. Our factory’s separate design, laboratory and production departments are operated by experienced professionals that meet and exceed our safety expectations.


We operate the latest generation of wet wipes packaging machines, thus providing swift production and delivery all over the UAE. Our productive capacity of 2000 pcs. per 10″ assures speedy turnovers for tight deadlines. We highly value our capacity for speed and rest assured, we will deliver on time.